Our Vision

The Vision and Mission of HeartFlame Ministries

Our Vision

Our desire is to spread our passion for the Law of Thelema inside our greater community and to clearly communicate that passion to others outside our community. Find out about our principles or join us at our various meetings around the metroplex where we sit, drink coffee or grab a beer, and share our passion with each other and with you!

Our mission is to take seriously the dictates of the Book of the Law and to call all people to the Law of Thelema.

We desire to be a ministry where …

… every individual is passionately and earnestly pursuing their will in accordance to the Law of Thelema.

… the seeking can connect with a life-changing community of Thelemites.

… anyone who seeks can have access to teaching that transforms lives.

… authentic people are actively discovering, developing and deploying their gifts and resources for the pursuit of the Great Work both individually and communally.