Four Gates to One Palace

Worship at Kaaba House Fellowship


For Kaaba House Fellowship, worship is not so much something that we do—though it is that as well—as much as it is a state of mind that we enter. It is a reality in which we intentionally exist as individuals and then come together to benefit from communion, or Fellowship as we call it, with others.

There are four stages of worship that we encourage in Kaaba House Fellowship.

The Gate Before

We enter this Gate Before in times of introspection and quiet moments of reflection. This can happen anytime, day or night, in the middle of doing laundry or in the middle of traffic on the way home. We encourage everyone to enter this Gate over and over again throughout the week, working to consciously engage one’s own understanding of Meaning—whether that is the Universe, God, or something else. This particular practice could be anything from reading the Book of the Law or some kind of meditation or something else that provides you with a mental framework for entering into this reality.

The Gate Inward

The Gate Inward is, quite simply, the idea of just being present in the moment. We do this when we enter our communal space—whether someone’s home or a temple space or some area that we have gathered for Fellowship—and come together in harmony. We are not here for grandstanding or to put on a show. We are here to be in communion with other seekers of Fellowship. Being present with others allows us to not only see and encourage the Great Work in others, but be encouraged by others in return.

The Gate Within

The Gate Within is that which opens up to us during our Fellowship. Whether our Fellowship is guided through a leader or ad lib through the participation of everyone or even just a few, this Gate Within is what absorbs everything around us and draws it within to speak and to guide. It could be the words of someone else. It could be the inner sense of that Higher Self speaking “in the moment.” And sometimes it’s just the quietness inside. There is no “right” way to approach this Gate Within, only that you are present and willing to listen and be moved.

The Gate Beyond

As with nearly everything inspired from HeartFlame Ministries’ principles, what we do with ourselves, with all that we have learned, with all that we feel, is important to take out beyond the bounds of the Fellowship. The Gate Beyond is about what happens after the Fellowship is over. We continue to commune with each other. We encourage people to shake hands, to give hugs, to give the kiss of Fellowship and Peace. We encourage people to laugh and continue to fill our space with joy. Hopefully, in the Fellowship with others, we have found ourselves transformed, even if in some small way, transformed by our communion with others and ready to take this state of mind into the world.