Liturgy of the Sun

Reception of the Community

The Reception has very little formality to it. It is a time frame that allows individuals to congregate and chat among themselves, make introductions, assist in any final preparations, put up any food stuffs that have been brought by others to include in the communion. Reading the following passage from our Holy Books introduces the next section of the Liturgy.

I will kiss you, and bring you to the bridal: I will spread a feast before you in the house of happiness.

Illumination of the Plates (Confession)

The feast area is a large floor throw with pillows arranged in two facing ovals or a full circle around the circumference. There is enough room for each person to recline and be comfortable while remain within arm’s reach of the center where the food is presented. Along the center axis of the ritual area are three large torches or candles. Each is lit in turn with the appropriate verse.

The First Lighting

Versicle: From the darkness, we are brought into this world of shadows.
Response: Had! The manifestation of Nuit.

Versicle: From the shadows, we become aware of our own light.
Response: Every man and every woman is a star.

Versicle: From our own light, we rejoice in the universe.
Response: Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love!

After this is done, the participants are led through a second lighting of three candles that are in front of their own plates.

The Second Lighting

Versicle: We move from katharsis
Response: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Versicle: To theoria
Response: The word of the Law is θέλημα.

Versicle: And into theosis
Response: Love is the law, love under will.

Lustration of the Saints (Consecration)

The Lustration is a simple foot washing ceremony that leads each participant into washing the nearest foot of the two individuals on either side of him or her. A white towel and a silver pitcher is provided for every two people. There is a small rubric that is given for each washing. It asserts the divinity and sovereignty of each individual.

Also I give you power earthly and joy earthly; wealth, and health, and length of days. Adoration and love shall cling to your feet, and twine around your heart.

Recitation of the Law (Communion, Part I)

Part I: This is the first part of the Recitation and is a free-style bibliomancy from Liber AL. At least three verses should be used in the reading.

Part II: [Note: Optional—Feast of the Star]

Communion of the Stars (Communion, Part II)

The Communion is truly a communion of the people. Food is served; conversation is encouraged both in groups and as a whole. There is no true limit on the conversation though it is encouraged to keep things within the areas of the Law, magick, and other related topics. There is no actual time limit on this section though various parts of the meal should be served naturally as each course is finished. If possible, the meal should be served Ethiopian style including the use of the injera bread. This puts the whole of the meal, literally, in one’s hands and removes all barriers from between the source of sustenance and creates a bond between the food and the eater.

Dismissal of the People

The dismissal can be preceded by “coffee time” and more conversation around the ‘table’. But as the energy of the communion begins to fade, the host should take notice of this awareness and prompt each participant to offer the signum pacis. Each may leave according to his own time and Will (though the host is certainly capable of setting time limits). The last person (other than the host(s)) should assist with the putting out of the lights. heartflame_logo_2014