Ordination Program

Licensing and Ordination Program of HeartFlame Ministries


Ordination Program



Ordination is a rite within the Sacrament of Orders. Within HeartFlame Ministries and its subordinate Fellowships, ordination is founded on recognition of leadership rather than the transmission of authority. While there is a certain amount of pragmatic responsibility and organizational authority that abides with ordination, it is not the ordination that makes the leader, rather the leader that is recognized through ordination.

Unlike many programs of ordination, there are no degrees, secrets, or politics to ordination within HeartFlame Ministries. We rely on four areas, or dimensions, of expertise in determining candidates for ordination. These are the formation of the qualities that fall under human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral dimensions.

In all, ordination through HeartFlame Ministries is defined as “a recognition of a vocational election, by men and women for a lifetime ministry, through speech and lifestyle, for the purpose of promulgating the Law of Thelema, promoting the spiritual development of the Body of Nuit, and equipping individuals to fulfill the mandate ‘to each man and woman that thou meetest, were it but to dine or to drink at them, it is the Law to give’ to such end of building the kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit” in accordance with the purpose and aims of this ministry.


The process leading up to ordination includes the successful completion of the following:

  • Formal and fully completed training in the four dimensions of ordination or an approved alternative study program
  • Supervision by a mentor assigned by the presbytery
  • A minimum of two years of acceptable full‐time ministry
  • An oral and/or written examination over personal life, ministry and position papers

The occasion for setting men and women apart for such ministry is HeartFlame Ministries’ affirmation of the candidate’s faithful completion of all of the requirements.