Ordination Program

Licensing and Ordination Program of HeartFlame Ministries

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Ordination Program

Pastoral Dimension

The process of training for ordination reaches its highest culmination in the pastoral dimension when the student enters into communion with the Fellowship of the Brethren. It is the aim of the pastoral dimension to assist the man and woman who presents himself or herself for sacred ordination to act in the community of the Body of Nuit. The pastoral dimension seeks to foster the knowledge and skill to teach and to preach, to celebrate the sacraments, to respond to pastoral needs, and to take the initiative required by leadership. The heart of this dimension is the character of the priest-king, a life poured out to the cup of Babalon, with a sense of zeal and joy.

All the other dimensions come together in this pastoral dimension so that the man or woman who hears the call to the ministry may truly possess the mind, body, and spirit necessary to lead and minister to the community. The pastoral formation, however, does more than simply combine intellectual, human, and spiritual dimensions. It seeks above all to achieve a successful integration of these three so that the minister can be a fit vessel for the mission and message of the Law of Thelema.